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How to get rid of acne?

Meyoung Jones


So we can all agree that acne or at least one pimple can basically ruin our lives. I am here to tell you my journey on how I got clear skin.

A little back story:

I had perfect skin up until I was in 7th grade. When I thought I needed facial cleaner (Neutrogena facial wash) is when all my breakouts started. I constantly had a group of pimples on my cheeks. Every product I used to get rid of them never worked. I hated the way I looked. It was horrible. I had to use heavy make up to cover it up. I’m on the oily side and combo in the winter.

Skipped to the miracle:

After years of looking like Shrek, I discovered black African soap. If you don’t know about this soap, you’re missing out!


Benefits of African Black Soap:

  • Good for all skin types. Whether you have dry , eczema or other skin allergies. It helps balance your skin’s oil production without taking away essential oils.

  • Fights bacterial infections. It’s known to remove more bacteria than chemical cleanser.

  • It’s packed with vitamin A and E. Also good for people with rosacea.

  • Helps improve skin texture with it’s natural ingredients. The soaps tough texture makes it easy to exfoliate regularly.

How to add African black soap to your regime?

Break a small piece of the soap off and use warm water. Gently massage your face working the soap into the skin. BEWARE of getting it in your eyes because it will burn.

Another product that has helped me get clear skin is the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System.


Now I actually bought this on accident. I thought I was buying something with an actual brush. Nope, this is actually puffs. I tried it out anyway and absolutely fell in love. This thing is like a deep conditioner for skin. My face is always glowing and super smooth after I use this. I use it every 3 days. When I don’t use it, you can definitely notice it.

This is how I got rid of acne. I still get occasional hormonal bumps but it’s once a month. So I will take that over a massive gathering on my cheeks. I hope this helps someone. Leave comments to let me know your experience with acne. You’re def not alone! :)